The Valiant was a ship commissioned to patrol deep space.


The Valiant was built on the planet Gronnd on the outer rim of the galaxy, in order to patrol deep space, which had few Heroes. Aquax was given command of the ship as its captain, with Xera as a scientist and Kirch as the commander of internal security. However, Aquax and Kirch did not know that the ship was part of a plot to stop the Hero Factory.

When Xera detected a Brain swarm in space, he left the Valiant to obtain a specimen that turned out to be the swarm leader. It infected Kirch, who became a host for the leader. Brains then took control of all crew members, except Xera, who offered to be an ambassador in order to introduce the Brains' social order to the rest of the galaxy. The Valiant was then set on a collision course directly with Hero Factory in Makuhero City.

Soon after, Natalie Breez and Rocka boarded the Valiant in response. Kirch set out to capture Rocka, and Breez was almost infected after being led astray by Xera. With Kirch gone, Aquax allowed Preston Stormer on board in order to infect him, however, Aquax was defeated by Xera, as the captain was disobeying Kirch's orders.

Meanwhile, Drop Ships led by Nathan Evo approached the Valiant and began using their tractor beams, stopping the ship. Using the Valiant's firepower, Kirch managed to destroy several Drop Ships before Dunkan Bulk and William Furno boarded the ship, and Stormer set it to head right into the sun of the Makuhero system. Kirch made the trajectory permanent and tried to flee, but was incinerated by the sheer heat outside the Valiant. Stormer then un-infected Aquax, who afterwards helped Bulk stop the Valiant's engines. As a result, the ship's explosive cargo was jettisoned in front of the ship, propelling it backwards away from the star when the cargo detonated. After the Valiant was saved, the Heroes estimated it would take 18 months of repairs before the ship was space-worthy.


The Valiant had full detachments of shuttlecraft and many airlocks. It also featured a bridge and an auxiliary control center, as well as an engineering section. The ship's radar could penetrate almost the whole ship save for the ventilation system. The Valiant also had a self-repairing hull, fixing any breaches after they occurred. It was powered by a tri-nuclear fusion engine, armed with mass drivers and high intensity lasers.

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