“Just wait until you get a taste of my toxic power -- Hero Factory will be minus one Hero!”
— Vapor to Dunkan Bulk, November/December 2010 LEGO Magazine
Affiliation Von Nebula
Weapons Vapor Launchers, Blades
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Vapor Launcher

Vapor is a villain in the Hero Factory Universe working for Von Nebula.


Vapor wanted poster

Vapor on a wanted poster in Mekron City.

Vapor has been recruited by Von Nebula into his gang as a result of crimes he has committed, including once attacking Mekron City with Meltdown, though his status following the apprehension of most of the tyrant's Villains remains unknown.

During a visit to an unknown planet, Vapor was confronted by Alpha 1 member Dunkan Bulk, who had been refitted in order to survive the toxic environment around him. Assisted by William Furno on his Furno Bike and a Drop Ship pilot, Bulk challenged Vapor. It can be assumed that Bulk successfully captured Vapor and placed him in the Villain Storage.

After Voltix created a black hole by triggering the Black Hole Orb Staff, Vapor escaped prison. He is possibly still on the loose.


Vapor has blue and black armor with two orange tubes connecting to his guns.


Vapor possesses two hulking claws, each fitted with a corrosive Vapor Launcher which fired spheres of corrosive vapor, as well as a blade on each of his arms.

Set Information

Duncan and Vapour

Dunkan Bulk in battle with Vapor

Vapor was released, as part of their Hero Factory line, alongside a slightly modified Dunkan Bulk in a set named "Bulk & Vapour" in August 2010. This set's product number was 7179 and contained 89 pieces, 68 of which were used in the construction of Vapor. The set was a limited edition, and was exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores within the United States and United Kingdom or could be purchased directly from LEGO.


  • In the set name and media not specific to the United States, Vapor's name is spelled "Vapour".
  • During The Enemy Within, "Wanted" ads for Vapor were shown flashing on abandoned computer screens in Mekron City.
  • Vapor was the only original villain that didn't make an appearance in the original special.

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