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Affiliation Varies
Weapons Various
Status Widespread
Location Various

Villains are any criminals or creatures in the Hero Factory Universe that tend to break the law. Many villains are known to work alone, though some prefer to work in groups or under a larger crime head. Frequently, they come into confrontation with law-enforcing organizations; most often members of the Hero Factory. They were captured, but were broken out when Voltix initiated a breakout by triggering the Black Hole Orb Staff. Some like XPlode were recaptured. Most however are still on the loose.

List of Employed Villains

Fire Villains

Fire Lord and his cronies were once mining bots who were modified by Hero Factory scientists to absorb fuel cells. They eventually became power-hungry due to how much fuel their bodies had taken in, and became the Fire Villains.

  • Drilldozer - The Fire Lord's strongest minion.
  • Jetbug - The Fire Lord's menacing, flying servant.
  • Nitroblast - The Fire Lord's sharp, destructive employee.
  • Fire Lord - Leader of the fire villains

Von Nebula's Gang

After his transformation, Von Nebula recruited some of Hero Factory's worst villains, whose criminal records impressed the former Hero.

  • Corroder - Von Nebula's smartest, most troublesome, and most rebellious servant.
  • Meltdown - Von Nebula's most destructive servant.
  • Minion Bot 17 - One of many minion bots used by Von Nebula, which was lazy and reluctant to do work.
  • Thunder - Von Nebula's toughest employee.
  • Vapor - A servant who uses corrosive vapor.
  • XPlode - A feared underworld criminal on his own, occasionally persuaded to work under Von Nebula for the thrill.
  • Rotor - XPlode's sycophant flunky.
  • Von Nebula - A former Hero who wants to destroy Stormer.

Witch Doctor

When Aldous Witch was transformed into Witch Doctor, he outfitted the local wildlife of Quatros with Quaza Spikes and used the Skull Staff to control them. He currently uses them to dig up Quaza mineral from the planet's core.

Other Villains

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