“Attention heroes! The beast they call Waspix has been spotted in your vicinity. It may use its wings to attack from above so keep your eyes peeled! It has three stingers and two corrupted Quaza spikes, installed by Witch Doctor, to control it. This pesky pest is no pushover!”
Waspix 3
Status Common
Location Quatros
Pronunciation WAHSP-ihks
Box Waspix
CGI Waspix

Waspix are techno-organic wasp-like creatures from the planet of Quatros.


Corrupted Waspix's

When Aldous Witch was transformed into the Witch Doctor, he outfitted several of the Waspix insects with corrupted Quaza Spikes as means of controlling them.

One corrupted Waspix, along with a Fangz and Raw-Jaw, was sent by Witch Doctor to attack the Alpha 1 Team, but their attack was called off when Witch Doctor decided to make them do more work.

Later, a female Waspix attacked Furno while Stringer and Nex did battle with a Scorpio. Furno was able to trap the Waspix in some vines, and help out Nex, but it freed itself and attacked Furno once more.

Furno reminding Stringer of the "old Robo Ball Hyper Punch", which Stringer used on the Waspix, weakening it. Nex, noting the glowing Quaza Spikes embedded into the Waspix, asked Stringer to break them, to which the latter did with ease. With the Quaza removed, the Waspix was free.

One Waspix was placed inside the Villain Storage and escaped in the mass Breakout. Rocka tried to stop it, but failed.

Abilities and Traits

Waspix are naturally aggressive, though they tend not to attack unless provoked. They’re considered semi-intelligent, and speak in a quick series of hissing and buzzing. Waspix are solitary creatures, and their antics, such as taunting slower creatures, are generally considered harmless.

The Waspix's under the control of Witch Doctor are more aggressive, and can be controlled through the Skull Staff.


Waspix are yellow and black in color with four arms and wings for flight. They also possess stingers on their wrists and tail for offensive or defensive purposes.

Set Information

A Waspix set was released as one of the three Hero Factory small boxed villain sets of summer 2011. Its product number is 2231 and contains 48 pieces, including three printed armor pieces and two dual-colored Quaza spikes.



  • Waspix has the same head piece as Scorpio.

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