“Ah, but Furno is not just another Rookie. He could be another Alpha Leader."”
Akiyama Makuro, Trials of Furno
William Furno

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Original Form

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2.0 Form

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3.0 Form

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Breakout Form

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ZX-79 XL Form

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Invasion From Below Form

Affiliation Alpha 1 Team
Weapons Dual Fire Shooter (Formerly), Multi-Tool Ice Shield (Formerly), Plasma Bow (Formerly), Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

William Furno, also known as “Young Blood”, and, "The Hotshot", is a member of Alpha 1 Team. He is known for having the purest Hero Core in existence, and has the potential to be the future leader of Alpha 1.


Early Life

William Furno was, like every other Hero, created in the Assembly Tower. Unlike every other Hero, however, his first Hero Core charge exceeded the normal blast, causing scientists to assume he might have the purest Core in existence.

After his creation, Furno was made leader of a rookie team consisting of Mark Surge and Natalie Breez, who were to train under the overall guide of Alpha Team. At some point, he was given the Furno Bike to train with and eventually grew accustomed to the vehicle. Though Furno was widely considered exceptional, the attention he recieved made him uncomfortable.

Rise of the Rookies

Trials of Furno

On Furno’s mission trial, he was sent with Alpha Team to help guard a cargo of C-4000 explosives en route to Merak 9. Team leader, Preston Stormer, ordered Furno to stay out of the battle the Alpha Team was engaged in with the villains Rotor and XPlode. After XPlode fled from the scene, Stormer allowed Furno to join the rest of the team and place Hero Cuffs on Rotor.

The villain played along, until Furno jammed his Dual Fire Shooter into the villain’s propeller blades. Rotor feigned defeat, and attempted to catch the Rookie off guard by whipping out his weapon and attacking him. Stormer tackled the rookie, saving him from the villain's blast, allowing Rotor to escape. After the team returned to Makuhero City, Stormer sent Furno to the Training Sphere to see the errors he had made on the failed mission. Surge and Breez met up with him in the spheres and noted how the Alpha leader was tough on every Rookie, though Furno still kept his promise to someday earn Stormer’s respect.

Later, Breez, Surge, and Stormer found an unconscious Furno in the Training Sphere, who had apparently exhausted himself training. Stormer sent him to have his core recharged immediately, and afterward, he decided to take the Rookies on a training mission. However, this was interrupted by a transmission requesting the nearest Hero Factory Team to come to the Explosives Plant on Lemus 2 to stop the villains XPlode and Rotor.

Furno riding his Furno Bike.

Upon arrival, the Heroes used a Hero Pod decoy, and sent it towards the villains. It was destroyed by Rotor, believing he had defeated a Hero Meanwhile, a short distance away, the Heroes’ Drop Ship had made it down safely. The Heroes charged, but the villains subdued Stormer. Furno took control, and ordered Surge and Breez to take the downed Stormer to safety. He summoned his bike from the Hero Craft with an ultrasonic signal, and used it to gain the upper hand on Rotor and XPlode. XPlode fled to safety, but Rotor was captured by the budding Hero.

Core Crisis

Corroder attacked a construction site where Penitentiary 1331 was being built on Tantalus 5. Stringer, Bulk, and Surge were already present, but needed backup after Bulk was pinned down by a load of heavy girders. Stormer was unable to come, having to wait until his Hero Core was fully charged. However Furno, against Stormer’s orders, left to assist in the battle. On his way to the scene, Furno had an idea and ejected from his Hero Pod. The pod crashed into Corroder, and the villain approached it, believing a Hero was in it, only for Furno to take him by surprise and kick him in the head. Corroder blasted acid at the Hero, and believed the Hero to be finished. However this was not the case, as Furno had been retrofitted with acid-resistant armor by Big Joe prior to the mission, and thus survived the attack unscathed. Eventually, Natalie Breez approached in her Drop Ship, and Furno bluffed that six more Heroes were on-board. Fooled, Corroder used a smokescreen and escaped, much to Furno’s agitation. Later, Stormer revealed his suspicions that all of Hero Factory’s old enemies turning up at once were more than a coincidence, and felt that someone was testing them.

The Enemy Within

Furno, Breez, Surge, and Stormer were cruising through an asteroid field, when a distress call from Mekron City was recieved. The four Heroes traveled there and headed to the precinct, where Stormer met with Chief Drax. When Stormer spoke with him, Drax appeared to go berserk, forcing Stormer to cuff him. Drax sent out a fleet of guard drones, and Stormer ordered the Rookies to shoot them down for “target practice”. However, Furno and his friends were unable to hit the nimble robots, and Stormer eventually shot them down instead. Meltdown then appeared and fired radioactive sludge at Furno, only for Stormer to take the hit. The villain grappled out, and the Rookies were unable to hit him as well. Furno gathered up a weakened Stormer and took him back to the Hero Factory.

Furno fighting infected Stormer.

Zib ran tests and concluded that both Drax and Stormer had been infected with microscopic nanobots that could corrupt a robot’s systems. Shortly after this, Stormer went berserk, nearly destroying Quadal, however Furno saved the robot. He, Bulk, and Stringer went after Stormer, who had climbed to the top of the Training Spheres. Stormer threw Bulk off the edge, and Furno grabbed a rope and caught the Hero. However, before he could haul him to safety, his hand slipped, and Bulk fell. Stringer saved him, allowing Stormer to escape. Furno went after the berserk Hero on his bike, and found him in the plaza, and battled with him atop the skyscrapers of the city. Stormer, who had won, was about to strike the final blow, when Furno compared the maddened Alpha Leader to Von Ness, causing the small spark of sanity within Stormer to resist the nanobots. The Alpha Leader then passed out, and Furno brought him back to Hero Factory, where he was cured.

Von Nebula

While the Alpha Team battled Thunder and Corroder in New Stellac City, Furno and his friends were playing with Anti-Gravity Thruster Rings. Zib called them down and sent them to New Stellac as reinforcements. Shortly after they arrived, so did XPlode and Meltdown. Von Ness, now transformed into Von Nebula, created a black hole and destroyed the Heroes’ weapons, including Furno’s Dual Fire Shooter. Stormer leap into the black hole to battle the villain, and Furno followed him.

Furno and Stormer in the black hole.

Whilst inside, they used the Anti-Gravity Rings to resist the black hole’s pull, agitating Von Nebula. Von Nebula went for Stormer, and Furno used the distraction to toss the rings into the heart of the black hole, causing it to implode. Stormer seized the villain’s Black Hole Orb Staff, sucked him into it, and the Heroes escaped the black hole safely to find that the other villains had been rounded up by their teammates.

Back at the Factory, Stormer made an official announcement to the public regarding Furno’s expertise and right to respect. Afterward, Furno and Stormer discussed briefly the security of the cell they had stowed the Black Hole Orb Staff in.

Due to his work in New Stellac City, Furno and his comrades were appointed to full Hero status.

Ordeal of Fire

Furno and the rest of the Alpha Team were recently sent on a mission to defend Tanker Station from the Fire Lord’s minions. Furno was ordered to act as reconnaissance, and discovered that the villains were powering themselves with the fuel. Though the workers managed to escape to safety, the Heroes suffered a terrible defeat, and attempted to retreat. The villains surrounded then, though Surge started destroying fuel cells, allowing the other Heroes to escape at the cost of Surge staying behind. Furno looked back in time to see Surge get blasted and cried out.

When they returned to the Hero Factory, Stormer convinced Akiyama Makuro to upgrade them to 2.0 forms. In Virtual Training, Furno experienced trouble with his Multi-Tool Ice Shield, and accidentally rammed himself into Quadal. Despite their performance, Stormer decided they were ready to ship out.

Furno fighting the Fire Villains.

Arriving at Tanker Station 22, Furno unintentionally gave away their cover when his weapon fired. While Stormer took on the Fire Lord, Furno received a distress beacon, before a ship piloted by Jetbug nearly killed him and Breez. Their weapons became “stuck”, and they found themselves cornered by Drilldozer, but fought him off. A Hero Pod containing Nathan Evo and Julius Nex then arrived, which helped to turn the tide in battle. Nex separated the two Heroes, and they continued the fight. All five Heroes attempted to stop Fire Lord, but the villain managed to gain the upper hand until a Hero Craft, which was piloted by Surge, rammed into the Fire Lord and severed him of his absorption hand.

The team returned to Hero Factory, where the Fire Villains was imprisoned. Surge was upgraded, and Furno attended a ceremony honoring his bravery.

Savage Planet

Furno 3.0 with Stormer 3.0.

Furno, along with other members of the Alpha Team, received a distress call from Alodus Witch on the jungle planet of Quatros. A report from Rookie Hero Rocka, however, indicated that the planet had become unstable and that all wildlife would attack everything in sight. In an effort to adapt to the environment, the Alpha Team was given an upgrade to new animal armor, with Furno gaining the attributes of an eagle.

Arriving on Quatros, the Heroes found an injured Rocka, and discovered that his attacker was Professor Witch, who had been turned into the Witch Doctor after being exposed to a mysterious skull. During this mission Furno was given in charge of leading Stringer and Nex into battle. However, the Heroes were ambushed by Scorpio and Waspix. They cut the creatures’ Quaza spikes and continued with their mission. Furno then helped Nex fit Rocka with enhanced armor so he could fight the Witch Doctor. He also played an important role when he cut off the Witch Doctor’s machine which carried the planet's Quaza. He then returned to the factory.

The Breakout

After Rocka had captured Voltix, Furno and Rocka escorted him to his cell. Voltix however, used his power on Von Nebula’s Black Hole Orb Staff which caused a large villain breakout. Although the Alpha 1 Team tried to stop the villains, most of the villains still escaped. Nathan Evo asked Furno to counsel him in his missions, and Furno agreed. Nathaniel Zib assigned Furno to capture Jawblade. Furno was equipped with an Aquajet Pack and Plasma Gun.

Furno fighting Jawblade on Scylla.

When he arrived at Scylla and confronted Jawblade, he found the cuffs weren't effective underwater. After taking some blows from the villain, Jawblade froze Furno with a sample of Oxidium. When Evo untimely called in for some advice, he replied to the rookie that he needed to make a choice quickly. Afterwards, he wore off the effects of the Oxidium by supercharging his Hero Core and launching the cuffs on his harpoon to capture Jawblade. He later radioed to Stormer that he couldn’t get in contact with Hero Factory and commandeered a Hero Craft to pick him, Evo and Surge as well as their captured villains from their locations.

When Furno later asked Rocka how he managed to avoid Hero Factory’s interior lockdown defenses, he revealed he was part of the Hero Recon Team which Furno regards as the best of the best. He aided Rocka in destroying the last of the Arachnix with Stormer, Surge and Evo. When Evo called for Rocka to keep plugging in Black Phantom, Furno questioned his motive. After Black Phantom was defeated, Evo explained how he figured out to overcharge the villain in the first place.

The Doom Box

Furno, Surge, and Bulk were trapped in the training exercise room when they had gotten too competitive. Bulk figured out a way to turn off the switch, as Furno put out the fire, but Surge was thrown at the off switch. Stormer re-called them to Mission Control where they were informed of a Delta-Red priority mission: the former Hero Core Hunter was trying to assemble the Doom Box, a galaxy-destroying weapon. After reviewing mission logs of previous fights against Core Hunter, the Heroes were dispatched to the locations of the Doom Box fragments. Furno travelled with Stormer to a mine on a planet, but they faced extreme automated security the planet had installed after Core Hunter was on the planet the first time. Landing in the mine, they found it dust-filled, but Furno determined it was artificial dust used by Core Hunter. They were attacked by sentry robots until they were identified as Heroes. Returning to their ship, they saw Arctur who gave them Speeda Demon’s name, and Rocka followed the lead. Stormer and Furno went to Stringer and Surge’s location and met Bulk and Breez. They all saw Core Hunter with the Doom Box fragments, and he accidentally formed the Doom Box when Surge shot him. However, Arctur teleported Core Hunter away to where he could truly activate the Doom Box and explained that he plans to have Core Hunter activate the Doom Box, then have his Hero Core Remover Tool absorb the Doom Box’s energies.

At Core Hunter’s location, the Heroes met with Rocka and confronted the villain and Stormer tricked him into activating the Doom Box. Breez then used Core Hunter’s weapon to absorb the energies, but Core Hunter’s new power enabled him to defeat all the Heroes save Surge. Surge reflected Core Hunter’s energy back at Core Hunter, whose body folded in on it until it vanished. Furno and the Heroes returned to Hero Factory with the Doom Box, and listed Arctur as the only casualty, victim of Core Hunter.

The Legion of Darkness

Back at Hero Factory, Furno pulled up file 14Y-YX6 as it was connected to a plethora of the escaped and re-captured villains. Bulk told him it was the old file about the Legion of Darkness and proceeded to tell Furno about how Black Phantom and the Legion had managed to temporarily end Hero Factory and almost resulted in its destruction. After Bulk finished his story, Stormer came in and told the Heroes they had to continue to respond after the breakout, as it was the biggest crisis since the Legion of Darkness.

Collision Course

Furno saved Breez from a training exercise that she was running without a supervisor, telling her not to follow his example. When the alarm came in that the Valiant was heading for Hero Factory, Furno stayed behind with Bulk. Breez and Rocka went to intercept the ship, followed by Stormer. While at Hero Factory, it became apparent with no communications from the Heroes that the situation was dire, causing Bulk and Furno to go against Stormer’s earlier instructions to destroy the Valiant even with teammates on board. Bulk gave the order to send Drop Ships to destroy the Valiant and went to draft his resignation due to the stress of the decision. Furno found Bulk on low power, and told him that the tractor beams on the Drop Ships could stop the Valiant, allowing them to avoid destroying the Heroes. Bulk authorized it, and he and Furno boarded a Drop Ship and headed for the Valiant and arrived when it was firing on the ships. Bulk and Furno burst into the bridge and confronted Kirch, who was controlled by the Brains’ swarm leader. Stormer sent the ship on a course towards the sun, forcing Kirch and the Brains to leave, but Kirch tampered with the controls, making the Valiant’s course unable to be changed. Bulk and Aquax, the captain of the Valiant, used explosives on the ship to blow it away from the sun, saving Furno and the other Heroes. Furno returned to Hero Factory after the Valiant was rescued.

Brain Attack

Furno analysing the Brain Attack to create a streategy.

Furno was later interviewed by Daniella Capricorn giving a brief summary on the aftermath of Mission: Catch 'em and Cuff 'em whilst hanging out with the citizens alongside the Alpha-1 Team. After posing for a picture alongside his teammates, Furno received a Code Red alert and headed back to Hero Factory with his teammates. After receiving news of numerous creatures possessed by the Brains marching towards Makuhero City from Zib and Quadal unable to determine their numbers, Furno received the new upgrade ZX-79. Before leaving with Stormer, Breez, Bulk and Rocka, he gave orders to have Beta, Gamma and Ceta teams take on the Brains at the eastern, western and southern ends of Makuhero City from Hero Factory’s position, for Evo to take on the Brains in the sewers and for Surge to stay behind and defend Hero Factory much to the hero's disappointment. Furno and Stormer led the Alpha 1 team into battle. Furno fought notably against a Pyrox. When the Dragon Bolt breached the Hero Factory, Furno assigned Rocka to take it down. Furno and the rest of his team were confronted by a brain controlled Surge who sent hundreds of Blank Robots at the team. Furno fought against the Robots until they were deactivated by Surge and Breez.

Robot Rampage

Stringer sent a distress call to Furno from Tranquis VII but was cut off, and Bulk took Furno in a prototype Drop Ship to rescue Stringer. They encountered a massively armed battle cruiser, but Bulk avoided it and landed outside the capital city of Tranquis. Bulk and Furno went to the city while Furno learned about the environmental disaster the planet had suffered. When they entered the city, Bulk and Furno saw only one robot and tried to chase after him, and dug a tunnel. Furno broke into a room with security robots that fired on him, but Bulk told Furno to turn likozite in the walls to glass. The security robots were defeated, and the two went to the top of a building. Brain-controlled robots surrounded the building and Furno and Bulk fled to another where a Brain-controlled Stringer ambushed them. However the security robots led by Karter saved them and brought them to Karter’s lab. Karter explained that robots from Tranquis VII have a partial immunity to the Brains as the environmental disaster on the planet slightly changed their circuits. Karter requested the two stop fighting, leading to Bulk and Furno’s arrest.

In prison, Bulk faked dying to have the cell door opened, and he and Furno burst out. Dumacc stopped them, saying the Brains have found Project Sunstorm and are coming for them, saying Project Sunstorm is a dangerous weapon he developed, and could be used if the Brains control him. Furno went to stop Stringer and climbed the communications tower where he confronted his former friend. Stringer offered Furno a place in the Brains’ new empire, but Furno refused and cuffed Stringer. Stringer chose suicide over capture, but was saved by Bulk's Drop Ship controlled by Stormer from Hero Factory. Furno knocked the Brain off Stringer and the two rains to Dumacc’s lab, entering through a hole Bulk made. Finding Dumacc controlled by a Brain activating the weapon, Bulk saved them by using a flashbang on the robots. Furno helped clean up Tranquis afterwards, and at Hero Factory was reassured by Bulk that Hero Factory will always fight the Brains.

Invasion From Below

Furno on his Jet Machine.

After Evo discovers an invasion from an underground threat on Antropolis City, Furno and the rest of the Alpha Team (minus Nex and Stringer) were sent to assist him. Furno was given the Furno Jet Machine by Rocka sets out to cleanse the Jumpers and Beasts. While approaching a Jaw Beast, Furno tried his best to attack but it destroyed the Flying Machine. Just as it about to eliminate Furno, Rocka rescued him with his Stealth Machine. Furno quickly lured a Splitter Beast to Evo, where he piloted the XL Machine and the two heroes outmatch the threat. Their victory was cut short when half of the Splitter Beast splits and kidnapped Furno, preceded by Stormer and followed by Surge. After Breez managed to calm the Queen Beast, the monster called off her children and release the captives. But the moment didn’t last long when a Jumper accidentally fired a discarded blaster, thinking the heroes lied and attacked them. Stormer made a quick decision by triggering Evo’s Spider Machine’s rescue pod to launch against the Queen and destroyed her nest. With the invasion is over, the entrance to their tunnel had been sealed and the Heroes returned to their home.

Abilities and Traits

Furno is smart, competitive, and can be passionate despite his impatience. He has a strong determination to prove himself, especially to Stormer. When Furno received his first Hero Core charge, it triggered a Quaza reaction that exceeded the normal blast emitted, and the scientists noted that it was more like a final charge than a first charge, which implied that he was exceptional.

Due to his overconfidence, Furno has also been known to push himself too hard in everything, attempting to be the best that he can. Furno is constantly studying mission strategies or watching Hero-Cam Mission records. The stress Furno inflicts on himself is usually unrealistic and leaves him seriously drained.

At the time of his creation, Furno was crafted with the most up-to-date technology available. Following his upgrade to 2.0 form, he received heat-resistant armor and other upgraded features. For a mission to Quatros, he was granted armor based on raptor birds which gives him the ability of flight, and his helmet has enhanced scanning capabilities. During the breakout, he was equiped with an aqua jetpack to traverse the planet Jawblade had escaped to.


William Furno initially had red and orange armor, while his eyes and Hero Core glowed a translucent green.

In Furno’s 2.0 form, he bore red and silver armor, while his eyes and Hero Core were colored yellow. He possessed headgear which was fitted with thermo-vision goggles.

In Furno’s 3.0 form, he retains his red and silver armor, as well as his yellow eyes and Hero Core. His helmet now resembles that of an Eagle to symbolize his new powers, and has wings on his upper arms to help him glide among the planet of Quatros.

During Breakout, Furno was outfitted with a helmet resembling his original one and he was given an Aquajet Pack.


Furno wielded a dual fire shooter in Rise of the Rookies that was sucked into a black hole during the battle in New Stellac City against Von Nebula and his gang, though he eventually got it back.

After his first Upgrade in Ordeal of Fire, Furno’s weapon was a multi-tool ice shield with rotating climbing hooks and cutting blades attached to fight the Fire Villains.

In Savage Planet, Furno possesses a plasma bow and jets, which he uses in the batlle against the Witch Doctor.

In Breakout, Furno wields a harpoon, plasma blaster and a pair of Hero Cuffs to defeat Jawblade.

In Brain Attack, Furno uses a fire absorbing shield and flame sword, as well as his visor to fight off the Brains.

In Invasion From Below, Furno is given a fire sword, chain, a gun, and his Jet Machine.

Set Information

William Furno was released as one of the Hero Factory canister sets in July 2010. His product number was 7167 and contained 19 pieces. His parts could be combined with those of 7164 Preston Stormer and 7165 Natalie Breez to construct the Lucas Valor model, using instructions from the September-October 2010 issue of LEGO Brickmaster magazine.

William Furno was re-released the same year in the Furno Bike set, which contained 165 pieces, about 15 of which were used in the construction of Furno. William Furno in this set is similar to the original set, with the exception of recolored limbs and different feet.

Furno 2.0's Canister.

Furno was released once more in January 2011 as one of the six canister sets in that wave. The set was sold under the name “Furno 2.0” (in conjunction with the other “2.0” sets in the wave). His product number was 2065 and contained 30 pieces, including a special badge armor piece. His parts could be combined with Evo 2.0 to create a combiner model, and a code printed under his canister lid could be entered at HeroFactory.com as part of the HeroPad feature.

Furno’s 3.0 incarnation was released in July 2011 as one of the six canister sets in that wave. The set was sold under the name “Furno 3.0” (in conjunction with the other “3.0” sets in the wave). His product number was 2191 and contained 28 pieces, including a translucent green armor piece printed with the name “Furno 3.0” and a hawk pattern. His parts could be combined with Bulk 3.0 to create a combiner model, and a code printed under his canister lid could be entered at HeroFactory.com.

6293 Furno was released in January 2012 in the new bagged packaging and was sold under the name Furno, instead of Furno 4.0. Instead of having a code in the packaging, it was on his Hero Core, so you could enter the code to get 300 points in the Breakout. His set had a total of 56 pieces.

44000 Furno XL was released in January 2013 in the same bagged packaging, with the same name as the prior year except with "XL" after it, as Furno was an XL in the wave. Once again, his Hero Core had a code on the back that gave you 1000 points in the Brain Attack. His set had 103 pieces.

40084 Accessory Pack featured a smaller version of Furno XL's sword. It was released in August 2013 and had 6 pieces.

The Furno Jet Machine (44018) was released in January (everywhere) 2014 and March (North America) 2014 and came in a bag. Unlike the last two years, it had no code, as Furno was now a minifigure, and the Jet Machine had no Core. It included Furno, a gun and fire extinguisher for him, as well as a Jumper. The set had 79 pieces.


“It does seem Alpha Leader's being unusually hard on Furno."
"Perhaps it's because Stormer recognizes his true potential.”
Nathaniel Zib and Akiyama Makuro, Trials of Furno
“I can't believe you disobeyed a direct order, kid!"
"The name is Furno. Team Leader Furno at the moment. So I'll give my own orders... sir.”
— William Furno and Preston Stormer, Von Nebula
“Ah, youth... so reckless. Sometimes fatally so. Really, Stormer, you should have trained the child better than this. He'll never last at this rate.”
Fire Lord, Ordeal of Fire
“Wow, huh? Check me out. I feel I can take on the universe single-handedly.”
— William Furno, Ordeal of Fire



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