"*munch munch*"
"That was, uhh, Zed Clickstart. He gets all the good stories."”
Mak Megahertz, Hero Factory FM
Zed Clickstart
Affiliation Hero Factory
Status Alive
Location Unknown

Zed Clickstart is a field reporter for Hero Factory FM.


Zed first appeared in the fourth episode of Hero Factory FM, while he and his team were following Gamma Team as they prepared to do battle with a horde of rampaging "Gnashers". Zed commented enthusiastically about the excitement of the scene, until planes surrounded him, apparently dropping bombs, and the show lost contact with him. Zed was then hospitalized for his injuries.

Zed got out of the hospital and returned to the show to follow the Heroes of Sierra Team to the treacherous planet of Videon, where they tracked down the planet's Acid Snake. After speaking to the different members of the team, the strategist of the team set Zed up as the decoy to draw out the Acid Snake. After catching sight of the monster, Zed was savaged by the Acid Snake.

Zed subsequently survived a mission with Hero Factory Team Epsilon 4 as they captured the Arcadian Sand Snake, actually helping to get the creature into the Drop Ship's cargo hold. He revealed this in the eleventh episode of Hero Factory FM. The team then did an honorary fly-by of the Assembly Tower. This apparently didn't go very well, as a traffic report revealed that a Drop Ship broke formation and flew directly at the reporter, possibly hitting his pod.


“As always, Mak, I'm in the thick of the action!"
"Keep your head down!!”
— Zed Clickstart and the Gamma Team Leader, Hero Factory FM
“Planes are all around me! ... They're on me! Waaauuaug-"
"Aaand we seem to have lost contact with Zed and the team, probably just a minor malfunction. We'll try and speak with them later in the show."”
— Zed Clickstart and Mak Megahertz, Hero Factory FM
“I am indeed back where I belong, on the front lines with Sierra Team as they search for the ferocious Acid Snake of Videon!”
— Zed Clickstart, Hero Factory FM
“Now, the best thing for you to do, Zed, is stay here while we fall back behind that large pile of dirt over there."
"Roger that! And then it's 'send out the decoy'?"
"Um... yeah.”
— Nate Burgiss and Zed Clickstart, Hero Factory FM


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